MDS acquired a 25-percent holding in the Israeli Ha'aretz Group, Tel Aviv, in August 2006.

Ha'aretz is Israel's second largest media company measured by turnover. It owns a number of successful media titles, which are to be further expanded. The "Ha'aretz" daily newspaper (weekend print run approx. 90,000) has a unique position in Israel. The independent, liberal daily is regarded as an opinion leader and the paper is respected and quoted throughout the world because of the quality of its news coverage and analysis. Its reputation is furthermore much enhanced by the highly successful English language edition. "The Marker", the business supplement of "Ha'aretz", has developed into a leading, independent brand within a short space of time. "Ha'ir", "Kol Ha'ir" and "Kolbo" are other widely read newspapers in their respective local markets. A total of 15 local weeklies with an overall print run of around 550,000 copies are owned by the media undertaking. "Achbar Ha'ir" (City Mouse) is the most widely spread entertainment guide. 

Address Ha'aretz Daily Newspaper Ltd.
21 Schocken St.
Tel Aviv 61001
Telephone +972-3-5121212
Web www.haaretz.com
E-Mail contact@haaretz.co.il